Dorper hair sheep for sale

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Considered a South African mutton breed, they were developed to be adapted to arid and extensive regions. They have a white skin and a light covering of wool and hair.

They can have either a black head or a white head. Both sexes are polled and are known to be one of the most fertile breed of sheep. They are mainly used as mutton sheep and are an easy care breed. Dorpers are hardy animals that can thrive in conditions that other breed would not resist. They are not selective grazers and have a thick skin that adds to their resilience.

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We also highly recommend reading checking out our latest news and informative tips at our blog. Find useful information on everything related to your Hobby Farm or Homestead!!! Nigerian Dwarf Goats For Sale! Dwarf Nubian Goats for Sale! Archives December Privacy Privacy Policy.We are pleased to own and raise Dorpers, one of the finest breeds of Sheep.

We have some of the top genetics in the Dorper breed coming from farms such as Blue Egg, Broadmead, Riverwood, Wilson Ranch, and others, including bloodlines from South Africa.

All our sheep are registered full blood or purebred. We were initially attracted to Dorpers since they shed and do not require shearing. The high cost of shearing and low price on wool makes shedding a very appealing option. Growth Rate. Dorpers are also known for their rapid weight gain i.

With decent conditions Dorper lambs grow quickly, reaching 70 pounds in as little as 12 weeks, with a little grain. We also enjoy the fact that they do not usually require help with lambing. The lambs are hardy and vigorous making less work for you. Dorper rams mature rapidly and can be used for breeding as early as 5 months.

We have done this with our ram and haven't noticed any adverse affects.

dorper hair sheep for sale

We begin to breed our ewes at around seven months of age, and breed on a year round basis. This gives you the flexibility to time your lambs to meet your needs and the markets needs. We raise sheep that maintain their weight, breed year round and will do well in rugged conditions. Given a reasonable environment Dorper ewes commonly continue breeding to years of age.

Our sheep are not raised in a feed lot. We have found that little grain is needed even while nursing lambs if good forage is provided. We give only a bit of feed to keep them used to us.

The dorper is a tough animal without many problems with disease and a lot of the problems that come with wool are eliminated. Dermatosporaxis has not been found in the dorper. It has occasionally occurred in white dorpers, but it appears to have been largely eliminated with the aggressive testing program implemented by ADSBS.

Because of these traits Dorpers are our breed of choice. Our focus here at Bubblin Brook Farm is to continue building on these traits. Why We Chose Dorpers Shedding.To supply superior fullblood and high percentage Dorper and White Dorper breeding stock and semen through the addition of superior bloodlines We maintain a healthy flock and are willing to do any testing necessary for any particular health protocol. Production traits are very important to us at Rainbow Meadow Farms.

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We keep detailed records on both production and pedigrees. We keep records on 60 and day weights and have recently enrolled in the National Sheep Improvement Program. Snow Hill, N. Snow Hill, NC A rich heritage and modern farming methods meet at Rainbow Meadow Farms. Quality Dorpers for progressive shepherds - we offer unbeatable performance! Our Goals. Current Availability.

Lambs at Moss Mountain Farm: White Dorper Sheep - P. Allen Smith (2019)

We are footrot free and enrolled in the Scrapie Flock Certification Program since We are Brucella ovis and bluetongue negative. We routinely vaccinate for overeating Clostridium perfringens types C and D along with tetanus. Please contact us for current price listing and availability of animals. How to Contact Us. Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions that you may have. We do ship lambs throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Please let us know if we can help you. Visit Our Guestbook! We love to hear from folks who have enjoyed our web site. Please visit our guestbook and add your own comments! Home Why Dorpers?In lateour family purchased a small group of commercial White Dorper ewes. We were still living on the ranch in Ranger, Texas at this time. When the goats dispersed there was an obvious hole in our lives that needed to be filled with some type of livestock, fast.

We all agreed at that time we would build a commercial flock of hair sheep to utilize the ranch pasture land we had. That plan lasted a whole week, maybe. We immediately started talking about how we could make them better. Not long after that we went to watch our first market hair sheep wether class at the State Fair of Texas.

Our goal is very simple. We will strive to raise hair sheep that maintain the breed characteristics that caught our attention from the beginning. This breed of sheep has tremendous muscle, natural width and rib shape. Our plan is to continue making efforts to not only improve on these natural aspects but to gradually add things that we feel will make them excel in the show ring. Without taking away the fact that they must be able to maintain their hardiness and fleshing ability that the Dorper breed excels at.

Also, the females can compete for large Scholarships through San Antonio and the San Angelo futurity. There is no doubt that the foundation is in place for this breed to make a major impact in popularity for the future. The location and the species of livestock that we are raising have changed.

However, there are things that have not. We will continue to make our best effort to produce quality livestock for our customers. We promise to out work the competition, provide unmatched customer service and consistently deliver quality that will excel in the show ring and breeding pens.

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to being able to build a personal relationship with you and your family.Self shedding Wiltshire crosss Dorper ewe 2 years and her lamb.

Self shedding Wiltshire horn cross Dorper ewe 2 years And her lamb. Beautiful little 3 week old lamb, Energetic and friendly little guy very healthy and happy. Still bottle fed 4 feeds a day although he is browsing outside and starting to nibble hay and shoots. Dorper rams, born. Quality Kaya genetics. Brucellosis accred and johnes vaccinated. Perfect meat sheep ram Vaccinated and drenched. Looking for starter Flock, will only consider Ewes in or with lambs.

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Must be able to deliver to Nunamara Tas area. This year's weaned wiltipoll-dorper wether lambs for sale, raised in the clean, green hills of Judbury. Just been drenched. Downsizing our mob a bit. Could deliver in Dorset area for an additional fee. We are changing rams and want to sell older one.

He is a good proven breeder and I think aboiut 3 years old. Can be picked up.

dorper hair sheep for sale

Two Rams for sale one Dorpers and one Damara, both proving hard working and produce top babies. Proven Sire. Self shedding ewes wanted preferably dorper and under 2 year old and no horns.

Lovely friendly temperament will make a great pet or a lovely Ram to lead your flock. Dorper sheep for sale Good lawn mowers or pets. Sign In Register. My Gumtree Post an ad. Suggested Searches: dorper sheep angus dorper ram dorper lambs white dorper dorper ewes alpacas sheep dorper ewe suffolk black dorper ewes dorper cross damara dorper lamb.

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Price Minimum Price.My flock consists of about purebred White Dorper ewes and about a dozen purebred Kiko goats. All my sheep are commercial sheep that thrive on pasture without any grain ever. They are not registered, they are meant to make a profit for the farmer and are not meant for the show ring. My sheep are hoof rot free. They are used to electric fencing and herding dogs as well as guard dogs.

My Stud Rams: Click on the images to view in larger format. My purebred WD ewe lambs will shed and will breed out of season or will have a very long breeding season. Shedding is guaranteed. Almost all of their mothers are twin-born or triplet-born themselves, the exception being ewes that were born to a ewe less than one year at breeding and lambing for the first time. Ewe lambs born in the spring can be exposed to the ram at age 7 to 10 months. If managed properly, most of them will breed at that time.

R am lambs:. These rams are full shedders. I select the top twenty percent of all born ram lambs for breeding purpose. Further selection takes place as these ram lambs grow up. Usually, only twin-born rams are selected with the occasional exception being a single-born ram lamb out of a twin-born ewe that lambs for the very first time.

If you also purchase ewe lambs, I can select a ram lamb for you that is unrelated to these ewe lambs that you can use him to breed these ewes. Price does not include health certificate needed for out-of-state sales. A discount is offered if more than one ram lamb is being purchased and will depend on the number of ram lambs purchased.

dorper hair sheep for sale

Kiko goats :. A few years ago I added a small number of Kiko goats to my flock of sheep. Goats are known to browse more than they graze which makes them excellent for weed control where sheep fail. These goats eat down the vines growing along my woven wire fence and eat down other invasive weeds like Tartarian honeysuckle and Spotted Knapweed.

Many goat breeds are less hardy than sheep and therefore add labor to a sheep enterprise. I find these Kiko goats as the hardiest goat breed I have encountered and yet the easiest going breed that fits in with sheep. But make no mistake, a goat is still a goat. If you have a hole in the fence, a goat will find it. Kiko goats : A few years ago I added a small number of Kiko goats to my flock of sheep.We are located in southern middle Tennessee where some of the best grazing land is to be found.

Our farm has been in the family for generations. This page was last updated: October 5, Our flocks graze on pesticide free green pastures and are rotated often. We occasionally supplement with wholesome grains, and they receive hay in winter. Our livestock guardian dogs patrol the property and deter coyotes and stray dogs from the sheep and their lambs which allows our sheep to graze in a stress free environment.

White Dorper sheep are a well muscled meat type sheep that has hair or a wool blend that sheds naturally. So no shearing is required. They are a hardy sheep that matures rapidly, and are excellent mothers.


They can breed year around and lamb in the fields. The Dorper meat is lean and tender and has a mild flavor. We have been shepherds and stockdog handlers since We were impressed with the quick growth rate of the higher percentage Dorper lambs, and now have a small flock of purebred White Dorper ewes along with commercial white hair ewes, which we breed to fullblood White Dorper rams from Turnbull Farms.

dorper hair sheep for sale

Shady Acres Sheep Farm.

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